Easy Ways to Beat Writer’s Block for Your Blog

There are lots of reasons why people blog, whether it’s for business, to make money or to keep sane; blogging is a great way to achieve this.

Anyone can start a blog, but it takes some dedication to keep a blog going. You may have tons of ideas in the beginning, but after a few weeks or months, you might find it difficult to come up with fresh, new topics for your blog posts. This is often the reason why blogs are abandoned.

But if you’re blogging for business, it’s important to keep your visitors coming back for more. If you’re willing to put a little time into it, you can find exciting new topics for your blog.

Here are four simple strategies you can use to get your creative juices flowing and stop bloggers block:

Read news related to your blog’s topic
What is going on in the world that can tie in with your blog? Is there any top news item that relates to your business that you can put your voice to that demonstrates your expertise. If you run a parenting blog, is there any controversial opinions or research that you want to shout about?

Encourage your readers to ask questions
Get them to ask their questions in the comments section or email.  You can then use these as the topic for future posts.  Bear in mind that if one person has asked the question, there will be others who would also benefit from your advice.

Write a top ten list
There are lots of things you can write a list on that would benefit your reader. Think about the tools you use, websites you visit.  You could use the questions from your readers to create a list.

Do a how-to post
Everyone loves to learn and if you can condense a particular subject into an easy to read blog post, it will be useful to regular readers but it also has the potential to attract new readers as people will share content that is useful.

Sometimes blog topics will flow freely for you. Other times you have to put on your thinking cap to come up with something worth writing about. But keeping your blog exciting is worth the effort, because it will keep your current readers interested and keep new ones coming in.

Your action plan
What I’d like you to do is choose one of the ideas to use to get your next post finished and published.  I’d love to know how you get on so please share your results in the comments section below.