Why Kids Make You More, And Less, Productive

Having kids, no matter what their age, definitely keeps you busy and makes finding time to run a business a little tricky!

This is where having kids can make you more productive, but also less productive at the same time – how is that possible?

Whether you have childcare all day every day, or no childcare, you should hopefully have some blocks of time that you can use for your business – think school, nap times, bedtime, partner or family help.

Its all about making the most of whatever time you have available to you … and try not to compare yourself to others as you don’t know what time they have to work as it will be totally different to you.

Before I was home educating my girls, I used to have my eldest at school, my middle daughter at pre-school 3 x days per week and my youngest would have a 3 hour solid nap and then I’d work 3 x nights a week so I could do work during these times.

Having a schedule made it super clear to me, as well as my husband and family, the time I was working so I could plan accordingly.

Now that I’m home educating, my schedule has changed completely but I’m making it work for me and this is what you need to do.