Your Ticket to Being Home with the Kids & Earning an Income for Your Family – Part 1

Have you ever dreamed of a job where you could spend time with your family and earn money at the same time? Most traditional jobs don’t offer that. But, becoming a work at home mum (WAHM) could be your ticket to your dream. But, before embarking on such a quest, here is some helpful information detailing what it’s all about. 

What Is A WAHM?
Just what do these letters stand for? WAHM stands for Work At Home Mum. Over the past 20 years, more and more women have come out of the workplace and gone back into the home.

The decision hasn’t been an easy one. Women with a career tend to work longer hours to achieve the same pay and credibility as their male counterparts, they also had to contend with the housework and the kids. After a long day at the office and doing the household chores, the kids sadly got what was left over which was usually a very worn out mother.

That has since changed. WAHMs are proving everyday that women can contribute to the family financial situation and nurture their families. Both online and off, a network of support has been created for any woman who wants to consider an option that will help them meet their needs. 

How to Get Started?
When you talk to your family about the possibility you want to have an idea of the direction you will take. There are lots of sites out there that offer helpful hints to mums getting started with a work at home enterprise and also a network of opportunities for connecting with other WAHMs.

If your income has been a big part of the monthly family finances, then switching to a work at home enterprise will cause your finances to take a hit. Be sure there is enough of a financial cushion in your bank account to weather the first six months of your new career. It will take time to establish your business. 

Watch out for next week where we will look at the opportunities available for WAHMs.