Using A Virtual Assistant To Build Your Business

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self employed professional who provides virtual PA support to a number of clients and who can undertake those tasks normally performed by a PA or an office manager.

By forming a partnership with a VA, you can make more money by focusing on what you do best and expanding your business. Once you have a VA, you will be able to be far more productive as a result.

What are the benefits of working with a VA?

Focus can be switched to moneymaking activities – by outsourcing their administrative tasks, clients can focus their time on making moneymaking activities.

A cost-effective solution – clients only pay for the time you are working on their tasks, not lunch breaks, networking events, holidays, etc.

No office space or equipment requirements – as VAs work from their own premises, clients do not need to provide the office space or equipment they would if they employed their own support staff.

Flexible support available – most VAs work on a regular retainer, ad hoc and project specific basis, alleviating clients’ requirements for employed support staff.

Experienced professional to support their business – if utilised correctly, a VA with professional expertise can help a business grow.