Knowing When the Time Is Right to Outsource

Is it time for you to outsource parts of your business? The answer depends on a number of factors. How do you know when the right time is and how do you go about hiring your first outsourcer?

You Have the Money

First of all, your business needs to be profitable and have spare revenue to hire outsourcers with.

If you're just starting out, it's generally better to do most tasks in house. First of all, this saves money. But it also gives you the opportunity to learn the ropes around a system that really works and makes money in house before tasking it out.

You Don't Have Enough Time In the Day

If you're spending time on routine tasks, instead of money making activities, then you need to seriously consider delegating those tasks out to someone else. You can then spend the time you have now freed up to focus on creating new products or programmes, working with more clients each day, attending more networking events to generate new clients, marketing for your business etc.

These are a much better use of your valuable time!

Getting Started – Start Slowly

Don't rush into outsourcing. It's not about finding the first person you can for the job. It's about finding the right person.

First, come up with a budget. How much do you want to pay for the project?

Then ask yourself: How do you know when a great job has been done? What are your internal criteria for deciding if the job was good? When you do Q&A, what's your internal step-by-step procedure or checklist that you measure the job against?

Post your job requirements and description of a job well done on various outsourcing boards. These can be sites like, eLance and or Virtual Assistant specific types at

Wait until you find a candidate you really like. Then, give them a test project and see how they do. If the project isn't up to your standards, then don't hire them again. Keep your tests small in the beginning.

Keep testing until you find a provider that you really believe you can work with. Then pay them on time and keep communication lines open.

Is the Time Right for You?

Take an objective look at your business. Are there tasks that someone else can take over? Are you spending your own time or your employee's time doing things that can be outsourced for less? Can you outsource these tasks without a decrease in quality?

If you believe the answer is yes, then start looking for an outsourcee today. A great outsourcee will help you decrease your costs while improving your efficiency.

Please comment below if you are about to undertake the outsourcing journey or you've already started.


  1. Emmawalkeruk outsourcing 2 the right person, for me some random person I don’t no, even if they r much ‘cheaper,’ simply not worth it!

  2. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flabebgrasting.

  3. Emma Walker

    Hi Latoya,

    This is a really simplified approach to know if the time is right and can be a great guideline for all business owners – something that has been great for my clients to gauge whether when they need help.

    Thanks for your comment.

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