How to Find Great Service Providers for Outsourcing

Finding really great service providers can be a powerful channel for taking your business to the next level. Unfortunately, the process of looking for great outsourcers has many pitfalls. How do you find people you can trust? Where do you look, and how do you keep them once you've found them? Read on.

Always be on the Lookout

Many of the best outsourcers you find may not be online. Retired individuals who have spare time or competent college students who would love to make some spare cash from home can turn out to be your greatest assets. Stay-at-home mums are yet another group of people who can turn into great service providers.

Keep your eyes open. You never know when you might run into someone who's looking to do exactly the tasks you're looking to outsource, at just the right price.

Finding them Online

There are many places you can look online for outsourcers. There are online forums, like the Warrior Forum and Digital Point. These tend to attract more beginners, though they're more internet and SEO savvy.

There are any places to look, including Twitter, Facebook, Ecademy or even LinkedIn. Try them out and see what results you get.

Testing the Waters

Start by reading testimonials and checking out their portfolio if applicable. What do you think of their work? Do you get a good gut feeling about the quality? What are the testimonials like?

Start them off on a test assignment. Rather than giving them the whole project, start them on just a one-off assignment and go from there. If that one assignment is up to par, then give them more work.

Keeping the Great Ones

It's a lot more work to find a great outsourcer than it is to keep a great outsourcer. When you find someone who works out, do everything you can to foster a great working relationship.

Pay on time. This is the most basic of basics in business relationships, but it's also an area where many business owners go wrong. If you're a client who consistently pays on time, that alone will make outsourcers love you. 

Have open lines of communication. Throughout a job, an outsourcer will often have questions about what he/she needs to do. Answer them as quickly as you can.

Remember that service providers are an integral part of your business. Treat them professionally and respectfully, while also holding a high standard. Follow these steps and soon you'll have a great team working for you.

Have you got any other tips on how to find great service providers? Please let me know by leaving a comment.


  1. Great article Emma.  I tend to outsource based on referrals and recommendations if I am looking for someone.  Then I love to refer them on too.  My VA is a very important person in my business!

  2. Emma Walker

    Glad to hear that your Virtual Assistant is an important part of your team and that you use recommendations to find service providers.

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