Keep Your Finances In Order With a Simple System

One of the key business systems needed can be the one that people put off from creating – your finance system! 

This is where you need to create something that is simple and easy to maintain, this way you can make sure that it is a valuable resource to help you grow a successful business.

Using a spreadsheet, you can have different worksheets for:

Invoice Tracking
Keep track of all your incoming and outgoing invoices so you know what has been paid, as well as what payments are due.

Using your previous 12 months outgoings, determine what expenses are due out each month so that you can budget for them.  Think about regular monthly payments as well as annual payments.

Sales Tracking
Keep a record of all your sales so that you can identify any seasonal periods as well as when your best months are.  Also include subscribers to your list so that you can track how successful your list building activities are.

What are you going to include in your finance system? Please share your comments below.