Make Taking On New Clients Easy

Once you start your business, the main focus has got to be attracting paying clients – otherwise you won't be in business for long! Something that you can do is to make the whole process of bringing on new clients as pain free as possible for everyone involved. 

This is where a Client Welcome Pack would be a great resource for service based businesses.  Think about including:

About you – tell your story so clients can relate to you and learn more about you

Services available – tell clients exactly how you can help them by giving specific details

Policies – give details of all your policies so clients know exactly what to expect

Frequently Asked Questions – collate all questions into one document

Benefits – tell clients the benefits to working with you as well as any value added services you provide

Call to action – tell clients exactly what you want them to do, be specific for best results

What will you include in your welcome pack?  Please comment below.