Why Teleseminars Are Good for Business

Adding teleseminars to your sales funnel will help you make a more instant, real-time connection with your subscribers, allowing them to get to know you in a highly interactive, personal way.  Teleseminars are proven vehicles for strengthening connection and engagement, increasing loyalty and establishing their presenter hosts as top movers in their niches — all in one simple event.

Teleseminars can come in many formats. Use them to provide classes, workshops, "how-to" guides, specialised niche information or showcase guest experts.  When you consider that one single teleseminars can offer more connection than multiple eBooks and laborious months of social media networking, it's easy to realise why adding this form of interaction to your sales funnel is a "must".

Step 1 – Knowing Your Audience

Before you can decide what format your webinar should take and which webinar hosting services or software to use, you need to know:

  • Your audience
  • Their strongest need
  • Your key message (also your USP)
  • How many guests are likely to attend
  • Their preferred delivery medium or learning style

Knowing the answers to all five points is essential to your success. 

Knowing your audience, their most compelling need and your USP are much more basic, and likely you'll have a strong idea already if you're at the stage where you're considering teleseminarss.  But progressing to the next point, "how many guests are likely to attend", allows you to poll, survey and pre-sell your teleseminars – all important parts of the money making oriented process.

Poll or survey your potential audience via:

  1. Your regular newsletter
  2. Email invitations to your list
  3. Facebook or other social networking polls
  4. Announcements in any mastermind or niche forums you frequent regularly

Don't overlook this key factor:  The more thoroughly you poll, survey and research, the more money you'll make from your teleseminar.