Make Sure You Follow Up After Each Webinar

The most money-making follow up begins at the planning stage, before you've even got your webinar hosting set up.  This is the time to think about repurposing your content, so that instead of a one-time webinar, you end up with an extra product you can sell:

  • Transcripts
  • Recordings
  • Manuals, eBooks or Hard Copy books on/from the webinar material
  • Lesson series

Offer your webinar for free if you must, but keep in mind that if your audience finds your content powerful enough, they'll be happy to pay for a transcript and recording!  Or set your recording to be available for 24 hours only, if you're more concerned about setting people up to see your webinar as a piece of high value exclusivity. Get in to the habit of considering as many ways to repurpose your content as possible, right at the planning stage.

Track and analyse your webinar's performance, too.  Welcome complaints even more than you welcome praise, if you can be objective and professional about it, complaints can help you iron out bugs and set up your next webinar for even more success. 

See what worked the best, when it comes to:

  • Your ad campaigns
  • Social network campaigns
  • JV partnerships and affiliates
  • Squeeze page stats
  • Email Autoresponder campaigns
  • Your own list member response
  • Response from specialty forums or groups you belong to

Being self-aware and objective will help you set up your next webinar to make even more money.