7 Steps to Work the Room When Networking Part 3

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Networking and Not Business Must Be On Your Mind
You should remember that your prime objective is looking for leads, solving other’s problems and exploring new prospects, and not looking for just sales opportunities. Seek people with whom you can network and establish a mutually benefiting marketing relationship. This would require you to talk with just about everyone as you can never tell that what seemed like a dull prospect initially may eventually become the greatest source of your future business referrals and prospects. 

Compliment Someone
Who does not enjoy receiving compliments? You should instantly praise someone or something which he/she possesses if you happen to like it. But, you should always be genuine while praising them. As a result, these people will start counting you in their list of business friends and most importantly it will help in initiating a conversation.

For example, if you happen to admire someone’s shoes, then praising them would lead to discussing issues such as their place of purchase and so on ultimately leading to an extensive conversation about shopping and fashion in general.  Some people think this is a waste of your ‘networking time; but it starts the process of building trust and rapport with the other person so that when it comes to talking business, they will want to hear what you have to say.

Finding Commonality
All rooms filled with people unknown to each other have one thing in common – they are all attending the event for the same reason and many of them would be feeling insecure due to unknown company just as you are feeling.  When talking to new people, identify the commonality and use it for sparking conversations or future relationships. You can identify the commonality between you and someone else by asking questions about their relationship with the host and their business. Conversations start flowing easily after establishing a commonality.