7 Steps to Work the Room When Networking Part 5

Check out part 4 of this article for previous tips.

Take Notes for Each Conversation
It is important for you to know that, each conversation or meeting is very important for you, so be careful. After ending the conversation, write a quick note on every business card you receive as these can be very useful for you in the future. These notes may help you link the conversation to the person who is really important to you. 

Business Cards Organisation
Make sure, whenever you get some time, you should organise the business cards. You can organise you business cards in different categories like:

1.    Referrer
2.    Potential Customers
3.    General
4.    Supplier
5.    No Use

After categorising those, when you reach your office, follow up with the person who lies on the first two categories as quickly as possible. You can contact the person who lies in 3 and 4 categories afterwards.