7 Steps to Work the Room When Networking Part 6

Check out part 5 of this article for previous tips. 

Make your presence felt by creating a positive impression of yourself by walking, speaking or moving around in an elegant manner. You can go for distinctive accessories or interesting clothing styles as per your choice. These are potential conversation starters and also people tend to remember you for a long time. 

Be extremely articulate and considerate in whatever you speak about. A precise and concise manner must be chosen for speaking. Rambling and off-the-hook statements must be avoided. 

Don’t hold on to a single person or few friends for a long time during networking events. Move around and introduce yourself to more and more people. Sometimes it might happen that you may need to break away from someone who has been clinging on to you for a long time due to your easy-going and friendly nature. During such instances the clinger can be invited to move around with you. This is a lot easier as compared to simply walking away. 

If the attendees are not wearing badges, repeat their name whenever they meet you after the first meeting during the gathering so that you can remember their name.

You should always follow up on your help or assistance offers that you have promised someone such as providing a contact or resource. You can send e-mail to contacts that are highly valued providing information about the resource or your observation of some key point during the conversation. This will maintain your existence in their memory. Follow up plan must be maintained for all the key contacts.

Other ways of following up are forwarding links of interesting websites, articles, programs, etc. Asking questions and attentive listening always helps in finding out these interest areas. This helps in maintaining a warm network. Newspaper clippings or magazines having a personal message should never be overlooked. Due to its unusualness these days, it really makes a good impression.