Marketing Your Business by Volunteering

Volunteering can put your business in a positive light and is an excellent way to promote good will, and do something that feels good in the process. If there is any cause you've always wanted to help with get started now.  Marketing your business offline can be very beneficial and should not be overlooked as a great way to increase awareness, improve your credibility, and of course, increase profits for your own business. 

Be a board member – If you have a couple nights a month to devote try to get on the board of an organisation that you care about. There are many boards who do not have enough members, many a parent teacher association who needs more leaders, as well as local non-profit groups of all stripes. You will find it relatively easy to end up on the board of your favourite cause and they will be very happy to have you too.

A word to the wise: Do not join a group that is too politically controversial unless you want to end up working with only people in that group. It helps to also join something you really care about so that you feel good doing it and it's even better if you can somehow relate it to your business.

Be a teacher – Establish yourself as an expert by volunteering to teach a class about expertise at your local community college, children’s centre, Business Link events. It depends on what type of business you have as to what type of class or programme you present.

Offer a service to the community – Many communities have unfilled needs. You can offer your community some sort of service. You're sure to think of offerings if you sit down and brainstorm the situation. You're will come up with the perfect service to offer your community that is related to your business or your skills as a business owner.

Offer your expertise free – You can help with so many projects, especially with your business owner knowledge. There are many local nonprofits that do not know how to make Facebook Pages, Websites, or know anything about them. Even if you do not know the technical side yourself, you can at least be an educated voice to assist in making the right choices.

Create your own programme – If you're really dedicated you can create your own programme to assist people in your community. There are always needs that need to be filled. Make sure the name of your company is front and centre so that everyone knows who has sponsored the organisation, in fact put your company name in the name of the new programme.

Anything you decide to do in your community as a volunteer will increase your local presence in a big way. Volunteering is an excellent way to promote and market your online business offline.