How to Avoid Some of the Common Product Launch Mistakes – Part 1

Product launches are an important part of your marketing activities as you continue to develop new products and services that your target market wants.  You will generate more traffic to your website, boost your credibility … and make money at the same time which is what we all want.

When you are planning your launch, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid from the start.

1. Not enough planning
This is probably the most important stage in your product launch process as you really need to get everything you need in place so that you aren’t losing any potential sales.  Think about what marketing activities you need, the process for customers to actually buy the product and how you are going to deliver it.

2. Announcing your product launch too early
The pre-launch stage is an important part of your product launch process for generating buzz about your new product but you have to be ready to actually deliver the product when you say you will.  Otherwise, your customers will move on and your competitor could create a better product using your idea as inspiration.

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