The Systems You Need in Place for a Successful Launch

When you have done all the planning and have the different marketing elements in place to launch your new product, it is really important that you do some testing before that first piece of marketing material actually  ‘heads out the door’. 

This is where you need effective systems in place to handle the new customers and queries your launch will bring.

Some things you need to consider:

  • Check all the links on your sales page, autoresponder messages and marketing material to make sure they all work
  • Test out your shopping cart to make sure that customers can actually pay and receive your product 
  • Are your autoresponder messages set up in the right order? Test your autoresponder to check that they do come through
  • If you have an affiliate programme, make sure your systems and resources are ready 
  • Is it clear about how the product is delivered and the payment options available?  Make sure it is easily understood so your customers aren’t confused
  • For digital products, do all the links work? What follow up actions do you want customers to do after they have used your product (coaching programme, upsell products etc)?
  • How will you deal with customer enquiries, requests for help, complaints and refund requests?  Make sure you have help desk, dedicated email address or some other customer service facility in place

By reviewing your systems now, you can ensure that your product launch goes smoothly.

Have you got all the systems you need in place?  If not, now is the time to make some changes!