Kick Start Your Business for 2012 – Tip 1

Are you ready to make 2012 your best year yet?  Want some motivation, kick up the bum, more customers and more sales?  Now that Spring is in the air, it is a perfect opportunity to continue your New Year good intentions throughout the rest of the year.

Throughout March, all the articles on the blog will be focusing on some practical ideas you can use to kick start your business.  Not every idea will immediately apply to you; the key is to think how you could adapt it to fit your business instead.

Instead of dismissing these ideas, please try at least 3 of them to see what results you get.  And finally, take 5 minutes to write down the results you want to achieve by the end of 2012.

Top Tip 1: Introduce a New Product
If you already have a mailing list of happy customers and prospects, then a product launch may be all you need to bring in more sales quite quickly.

Any successful product launch needs two components; creating a product that your target market want and then creating a buzz before the product launches.

Market research
You need to know what your target market wants so that you create a product that sells.  Ask yourself; what are their problems, what keeps them awake at night, what questions keep coming up?

Creating buzz
To successfully create buzz and desire around your new product, you need to carefully plan out how to gradually reveal more details without giving away the product until the launch date.

One of the best examples of buzz that nearly everyone will know is the an iPhone launch.  A feature is released a few months before, then maybe some new technical improvements, then some buzz about something that ‘might’ just be in the phone.  This is all generating excitement, but nobody actually knows what the phone will be like until it comes out.  Use this is a framework to model with your next product launch.

Remember to check out the other top tips for kick starting your business which will be released throughout March.