Kick Start Your Business for 2012 – Tip 12

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Top Tip 12: Create a Video
With the advances in technology, our customer and audience base can be truly international but that can mean that it can be more difficult to connect with prospects because you can be operating in a global marketplace – a bit difficult to pop to a face to face networking event on the other side of the world where your prospects are going to be!

This is where video can play a huge part in bridging that gap.

Using video messages is a great way to connect and engage with your visitors to build relationships and get your personality across.

This all helps to make your website visitors feel as though they know you – and therefore increase the likelihood of them buying from you!

There are a number of places that you can effectively use video, so think about:

Website home page – have video introducing visitors to your website and telling them about your free offer in exchange for their email address.

Testimonials – presenting your testimonials via video is a very powerful marketing tool as they are more believable when they can see a real human being speaking about you.  When you run live events, make sure you have a camera with you to record testimonials from happy attendees.

Newsletter – include a tip of the week in your regular newsletter to subscribers.

Blog posts – use video on your blog in place of your regular text post, or better still, as with the website sales page, include the video and the written content.

They key thing to remember about making videos is that you don’t need any fancy equipment as there are plenty of affordable cameras available that you can use.  I use a Flip camera and they have been perfect for what I want to achieve.

Video is a popular and effective marketing tool that isn’t utilised much.  Brainstorm a list of simple ideas to get you started and share them below to make you accountable.