Setting Boundaries Is Vital For Your Business

You will hear a lot of people talking about establishing your boundaries within your business and you may think that this will not apply to you. However, this is something that all business owners need to sort out.

To identify your boundaries think about what you are prepared to do and what you aren’t prepared to do as a starting point and expand on the answers.

To give you some ideas, ask yourself these questions:

Will you offer 24 / 7 service?
If you are a service based business, you will need to have systems in place to be able to accept and complete work 24 hours a day. Some people make this their Unique Selling Point (USP) but others choose not to have this extra stress.

Will you speak with family and friends if they call in the day?
Family and friends can be the worst offender for distraction to those who work at home. They may feel that now you work at home, they can call you anytime for a chat or pop in for a coffee.  Explain what your hours of business are and don’t speak with them if you are busy with work.

Will you only be working certain hours?
Decide what your business hours are and make sure that you inform all prospective clients what they are. Some clients may try to push this boundary by calling 5 minutes before you finish wanting work completed for the next day. Be firm and say that you will start the work the following business day – but only if you have the capacity to.

Will you be working 52 weeks per year?
Think about what holiday you want to take now so that you can start educating your clients or getting associates on board to cover for you.

Do you want a term time only business?
If you have children, you may choose to only work during term time and spend the holidays with your children. Now is the time to be able to start educating clients or bringing on board help to work during holidays.

By establishing your boundaries now, it can become part of your business systems, as well as informing and training your family and clients about how you operate.

I’d love to hear what boundaries you are going to implement in your business, please share in the comments.