Organisation Tips for Successfully Working from Home – Part 2

Check out part 1 of this article for 2 other top organisation tips.

Use an In Tray
Almost every corporate office has an in tray. But should you have one for a home office? Many successful work from home entrepreneurs recommend it.

An in tray is basically a box that sits on your desk, with various things in it that you need to process later.

If you write a phone number on a scrap piece of paper, you can just toss it in the inbox instead of having to create a new contact right now. The same with receipts. Just about anything that needs to be processed later can be tossed in the inbox instead of done now.

This frees up a lot of bandwidth and helps avoid interruptions from small menial tasks – you can then batch them together to make the use of this time.

Clean Your Office Once a Week
Once a week, clean your office. Clear off the desk, organise the files and clear your in tray.

So many home based entrepreneurs just let "stuff" pile up. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but in a few weeks or months so much stuff gets piled up that it seems impossible to clean. So they don't, and it becomes a drain on energy.

Pick a time once a week to clean your office. It might only take ten minutes, but it'll make a difference in the long run.

Having a well organised home office can be the difference between constant interruption and constant flow. Organise your office around reducing distractions and increasing flow and you'll find your productivity skyrocketing.