Use A Pay Per Click Campaign To Promote Your Teleseminar

Using Facebook Ads and/or Google AdWords is a great way to pre-sell seats on your teleseminar, but if you have the budget for it and haven't yet built your list, it’s also highly recommended.

Don't go for a pay-per-lead ad, even if you really just want to generate exposure at this point and especially if you've decided to advertise through Facebook.  The reason?  Under Facebook's new rules, your ad may be distributed randomly, with no consideration paid to exposing it to the right demographic.  (It used to be that Facebook treated PPC and CPM ads alike until they clued on that they were providing greater value for lesser cost with the latter. They speedily took steps to remedy that.)

Another place to consider advertising:  Related ezines are often a great choice with much lower rates than traditional banner advertising.  (The key here is to pick the right ezine for your niche.)

Use social media to help with this too:  Blog about your subject, Tweet it, share it on Facebook and invite response.

Last but not least, plan to pre-sell to your list, as well as to any exclusive, niche-related group you belong to.

What methods can you use to pre-sell your teleseminar? Please share in the comments below.