Choose A Webinar Service That Suits Your Business Needs

Webinars are a great way to take your teleseminars to another level.  You get the same message via audio, mixed with practical demonstrations.

Finding the right webinar service is an important step in determining how much profit your webinar will end up making.  For example, if you know you've only got 22 responses or you're deliberately setting up a small "class", you may be fine with a free service that allows up to 45 participants rather than signing up for a "pro" plan allowing up to 1,000.

On the other hand, if you're planning a PPC campaign and hope to land more participants, you may want a virtual "room" that hosts 100 or more participants.

You'll also want to consider your choices based on these two important needs:

1.    A service matched to your online skill level — one you feel comfortable using
2.    How user-friendly and easy your choice will be for your participants!

Remember, if you find your webinar hosting service difficult or confusing to use, chances are your audience will too!

You'll also need to decide which features you will need, for the type of webinar you're planning, and whether or not you need:

  • Desktop sharing
  • A white board
  • Webinar polling capacity
  • Ability to present slide shows
  • Automatic invitation reminders

The industry standard is GoToWebinar, and they do have a free, 30-day trial, as well as allowing 1,000 participants.  It's always more cost and time effective to look far ahead and go with a service that will suit your ultimate needs, but if your budget just won't handle GoToWebinar's minimum monthly fee after your 30-day trial expires, there are other options that are low to no cost.

Don't think you're limited to these choices, however:  Check into a variety of webinar hosting solutions, and see which one "clicks" with your own learning style and comfort zone, as well as your audience's.

Most services do allow you to "practice", which will go a long way to easing any nervousness you may be feeling, if you're a first-time webinar creator, so make sure some sort of "practice" option is available in any service you choose.