Market Your Business by Being an Industry Expert

Every news organisation, magazine, newspaper, university, and group looks for experts to be their go to person, why can't that be you?  Being an expert is a very effective way to market your business because it will get you noticed. You'll be in the news, both locally and nationally, maybe even internationally. By being a resource available to others you will quickly establish your expert status.

In order to establish yourself as an expert, you will need to contact the press every chance you get via press releases and queries for comments on issues. Submit content to offline publications, magazines, and newspapers as often as you can either via letters to the editor, commenting on someone else's entry, or submit an actual article allowing them to publish it free or in some cases you can get paid too depending upon the venue. Remember that the important aspect of this is to be established as an expert in your niche.

Be available to the media to answer questions whenever there is a news story about your niche. Create an effective press kit that includes the types of information that offline media needs such as your photograph, your bio, your claim to fame, details about your business and expertise.

Sign up to be an expert on any database you can find that might be of interest to your target market. Always return calls even if you're not sure if you can give the right information. If you're quick to follow up, the press will be quick to use you again even if they couldn't the one time. Make it clear that you're ready and available for interviews, comments, and will help with anything they need.

Join local organisations and present yourself as the expert you are in your niche. Be a valuable member and contributor to the organisation by being on the board, being a volunteer, submitting content for their websites and publications. Additionally, attend as many social events that are available as you can stand and make sure everyone knows you' re always able to speak on your topic at their organisations. 

Contact your local radio station with your expertise and your story. Sometimes you might have to pay to be on the radio, but if it's public radio it's a great way to support them. You can also offer prizes to your local public radio station to give away at their fundraisers. Public radio stations love to interview local experts on many different topics, if you provide a compelling enough story, you'll get on as an interview. If you went from a laid off mum on benefits, to a successful business owner, this is a compelling story, tell it! 

Take action on 1 thing that will help to build your expert status this week.