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Making Money as a Mumpreneur Masterclass

Live Masterclass on Thursday 3rd December at 10.30am

I’m the expert at helping my awesome mum clients to open their money taps and I’m running a Masterclass that will help you to build a profitable and sustainable business ✅

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You deserve to have a successful, profitable business and not an expensive hobby. You deserve to be paid for what you do and to be paid fairly and not just what you think other people will pay. You deserve to thrive in your business and not just survive.

I’ve created the Get Set to Grow Mumma: A Guide to Growing Your Business Alongside Your Babies FREE guide just for you and I’m sharing the 5 steps you need to be doing to make your business thrive, even in uncertain times that we are going through now with covid-19

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These are my weekly bite sized sessions where I’m giving practical tips you can implement in your business on a range of topics – from overwhelm to clarity, attracting clients with ease to getting out of your own way and post lockdown life for your business – there’s lots we cover so check out my YouTube Channel to catch all the episodes

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Busy Mums Set for Success Bootcamp

My mission is to empower busy mums to be smart, savvy and successful entrepreneurs. By ditching the overwhelm, side stepping the guilt and becoming the business owners they dreamt of being!

So we break things down into bite sized but more importantly, manageable steps you need to take so that you actually do the work – there’s no point doing this programme if you don’t do the work!

We will work together over 10 weeks to get your business set for success

You’ll get me by your side, guiding you every step towards your own successful business that fits in with the kids

During our time together, we will work through everything you need to set the foundations you need to build a PRODUCTIVE AND PROFITABLE business

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Interviews With Awesome Business Mums

Check out the interviews on the blog with awesome business mums who are bossing it right now

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BRAND NEW – Free checklists …

Whether your kids are going back to school in September, you’re seriously thinking of home schooling (after having a taste of it during lockdown) or already home schooling (like we do) – I’ve got you sorted with simple checklist of things you need to be thinking about

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From the Blog

Check out some of the blog posts that you might like that share some things you can do to kick overwhelm to the curb and let you in on our crazy life …

Does Back to School Mean Back to Business

Most children will be back to school soon and I know it can feel a little overwhelming so here’s some quick tips to help you navigate this time whether your kids are returning to school or home schooling

No Time for Overwhelm … It’s Time to Shine as a Fabulous Business Mum

I don’t know why, as mums, we put so much pressure on ourselves. With everything going on in our lives its no wonder there’s an epidemic of stressed out mums trying to be superwoman getting everything done

Is Age 14 Easier Than Age 4?? The Guide To Running A Biz With Babes

Juggling home, business and kids leaves us with lots of challenges and they can change depending on the age of your children. Here are some of the challenges and the ways that I’ve dealt with them having 13 (year 8), 7 (year 3) and 4 (pre-school) year old girls

50 Nifty 5 Minute Hacks for the Time Starved Mum

Feeling overwhelmed with the size of your to do list versus the very limited time you’ve got available to actually do the work – trying to fit in when baby is napping, limited childcare or day job!

Here’s 50 things you can be doing in your business when you’ve only got 5 minutes free